Peroxide Propulsion News Archive from August 2007

News from August 2007

August 22nd, 2007: New Rocket Bike World Record
Eric Teboul, a valued peroxide customer of Peroxide Propulsion, set a new rocket bike world record on August 19 at the 2007 NitrolympX on Hockenheim Ring in Germany with his personally designed... (Read more)
August 20th, 2007: New Website Design
Four years after the Peroxide Propulsion website first launched, a complete overhaul of the site design has been completed. The old website served its purpose well, but as we move forward as a... (Read more)
August 6th, 2007: New Ceramic Platinum Catalyst
We have developed a Screen Based Ceramic Platinum Catalyst for decomposing hydrogen peroxide, and it's available for purchase now. (Read more)

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