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May 12th, 2014: Productive vacation trip to Florida
My wife and I went to Florida in May 2014 for a vacation trip. Bill Houghtaling visited and showed his rocketbelt Really a...
August 14th, 2012: Nick Macomber flying rocketbelt in Sweden
Nick Macomber visited Sweden 10 to 12 of August 2012. It was awesome to see him fly! The spectators were standing/sitting in a long row along the runway. Nick was taking off at one end of the long...
May 4th, 2012: Pressurized fuel tank on Clark Cogans autogyro
we replaced the plastic fuel tank and the fuel pump with an aluminum fuel tank and an on-board compressor that can pressurize the tank to 200 PSI. There is also a 12 V battery for the compressor...
August 23rd, 2011: Clark Cogan makes a vertical take off with his gyrocopter
We have written about Clarks progress before this summer. Now he has made a nice VTO with his gyroplane