Autogyro Vertical Take-Off

Gyro glider with tip rockets

Demonstration of VTO with a gyro glider

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First Successful Ground Test

On June 12 we went to a remote air field outside Gothenburg and made a few vertical take-offs with the hydrogen peroxide tip rockets. The glider was tied to the ground with a tow rope.

Filling HP to the fuel tank. (Normally I wear rubber gloves and glasses)

Filling CO2 liquid to the fuel tank

Jerry Edvardsson, an experienced gyroplane and aeroplane pilot, was the test pilot.

The movie here below is showing a vertical take-off. Jerry has the stick back and the tow rope is stretched:

Some comments and advice by Jerry:

-He wanted to control the fuel valve with his left hand so that he could hold the stick with his right hand. To meet his requirement we made a quick change of the piping and switched the valve position from right to left side. For a powered gyro Jerry suggested to have the propeller motor throttle and the peroxide throttle on the same grip handle.

-The control of the rockets is fast and responsive.

-The maximum rocket thrust can be lowered. With the present prototype rockets the gyro was taking off after 12 seconds, without the need of using maximum rocket thrust! (This adjustment can be done by having smaller diameter rocket nozzles. The fuel consumption will be lowered by this change.)

Jerry also said:
"Even if this is the first prototype system, it is already matured enough to be used on a powered gyroplane. It is a great leap forward for the gyroplane sport, because it will be possible to make easy to handle vertical take-offs from small unprepared fields!"

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This article was updated on October 10th, 2011