Peroxide Propulsion

Peroxide Propulsion was a producer of Rocket Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, also called HTP, High Test Peroxide from 2004 to 2010

Lower grade hydrogen peroxide was concentrated to 80-90% concentration in a plant and treated in special processes to receive very pure products well suited for gas generation and rocket propulsion.

Dispite we have now shut down this production, we have kept this website up because people are interested to read about our products that in addition to hydrogen peroxide included decomposition catalysts.

We have also designed and built different rocket engine systems.

Eric Scott is flying over Royal Gorge Canyon with his rocket belt. He used hydrogen peroxide from Peroxide Propulsion as fuel.

The Dragonfly helicopter is driven by rotor tip rockets and hydrogen peroxide from Peroxide Propulsion as rocket fuel.


Monopropellant hydrogen peroxide rockets are mechanically simple and have a low weight while still being powerful.

On the following pages we will describe how these rockets work and about our own work in the field. You will get some guidelines on how to design a rocket system.

The rockets are best suited when you need a low weight engine to develop a high power and high speed during shorter periods of time because they have a high fuel consumption.

Drag racing, personal rocket belts and gyroplanes and helicopters with rotor tip rockets are examples where hydrogen peroxide rockets are used. You will find more fascinating uses on the following pages - both historically, like during WWII, and today.

This article was updated on February 15th, 2013